Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Southpaw no more?

Since Gianna was a baby, she has favored her left hand.  She's always eaten with her left hand, drawn and colored with it and reached with it.....until recently.

Interestingly, her pediatrician noticed early on she favored her left hand and I made some comment about her being a lefty.  She told me, "Don't call it until she's three."  She went on to say that both her girls used their left hands exclusively and then when they approached three years old, they both switched to the right hands. 

As fascinating as that was, I figured it was a family trait and really didn't think it would apply to my child.  But guess what?????????  Just a couple of months before her third birthday, she's using her right hand.......A LOT.   She's using both still, but it will be interesting to know which hand will be dominant.  As it stands, it looks like she'll be southpaw no more.

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