Monday, March 31, 2014

"Love, Winbe"

For those who know her, or who have followed this blog for a while, it's no big surprise that Gianna loves to play dress up.  I'm so grateful I followed her lead in her desire to be Wendy (from Peter Pan) this last Halloween.  The costume is used often, and is so pretty - especially on her.
This weekend I checked on her in her room (because it was TOO quiet) and she was at her desk quietly composing this letter - as part of her pretend play...
I'm sure you can translate yourself, but it says,
 "I love you, Peter.  Please be back home soon for supper.  Love, Wendy"  
I'm glad she's writing more than apology notes these days.

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick Celebration

Our good friends hosted the Second Annual St. Patrick's Day Party this weekend.  We had a fun themed lunch, some learning activities, and a super-fun scavenger hunt. 
I began the scavenger hunt by donning a green mustache and telling the kids I'd been kissed by a leprechaun who left a message for them.  Sounds fun, right?
My child burst in tears saying, "But I don't WANT a leprechaun mommy! I'm scared now.  I don't want a leprechaun to appear to me!"  Great job, Mommy.

There were a series of clues that helped them find some fun really fun prizes...

The final clue directed them to a special box with the ingredients for our next activity....GREEN SLIME!

They had a ball.  It really was quite fun. Gianna made me keep checking my phone for messages from Shevvy the Shamrock. I kept sneaking around to record more.
It was a whole lot of fun until bedtime - when she was petrified that the shamrock or leprechaun would appear.  I convinced her they weren't real - just pretend.  Then about 20 minutes later she came to my room concerned that Jesus would appear to her - because he was real.
She was decked out in green today - down to her shoes. (I always wonder if she has Irish as part of her heritage.) Her PePaw gave her enough clover to share with her class.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Unsolicited Apology

This is the note I received from Gianna after a string of poor behavior this morning....


I am sorry for all the things I have done.

(I should add that it was written on an envelope which enclosed a flower.)
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