Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick Celebration

Our good friends hosted the Second Annual St. Patrick's Day Party this weekend.  We had a fun themed lunch, some learning activities, and a super-fun scavenger hunt. 
I began the scavenger hunt by donning a green mustache and telling the kids I'd been kissed by a leprechaun who left a message for them.  Sounds fun, right?
My child burst in tears saying, "But I don't WANT a leprechaun mommy! I'm scared now.  I don't want a leprechaun to appear to me!"  Great job, Mommy.

There were a series of clues that helped them find some fun really fun prizes...

The final clue directed them to a special box with the ingredients for our next activity....GREEN SLIME!

They had a ball.  It really was quite fun. Gianna made me keep checking my phone for messages from Shevvy the Shamrock. I kept sneaking around to record more.
It was a whole lot of fun until bedtime - when she was petrified that the shamrock or leprechaun would appear.  I convinced her they weren't real - just pretend.  Then about 20 minutes later she came to my room concerned that Jesus would appear to her - because he was real.
She was decked out in green today - down to her shoes. (I always wonder if she has Irish as part of her heritage.) Her PePaw gave her enough clover to share with her class.

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