Monday, September 30, 2013

Cover you ears...

...the Air Show is in town!
It was quite remarkable (and hot) and I was glad Gianna was at least a moderately interested.


 What? Don't most girls ask to have a "moustache" and a red jet painted on their face?
 Yosemite Lewis had a great time!
Afterwards, Nate's Uncle Tony let the kids play his accordion.

 Kinda hard to take her seriously with the moustache...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gianna's Eye Exam

 At my last eye exam, the technician happened  to let Gianna look into one of their high tech machines which could  actually tell what her vision was. Surprisingly it showed some far-sightedness. Hmm.  Didn't see that one coming! (No pun intended.) And she was doing this blinking thing every now and then, that had me concerned. We scheduled an appointment and Gianna finally had her eye exam last week. She COULD NOT WAIT!
 Was even THRILLED to be dilated!
She was hoping and wishing and praying she would need glasses.
And that is NO joke!

She ADORES Dr. Rob and all his workers.

....ever since she was a baby!

She wanted glasses so badly she begged me to get her these "fashion glasses."
When we went to look at some possible frames....we tried all sorts of fancy sorts on her, much like her "fashion frames."  They were SO adorable.  Then, my friend who owns the business with her husband asked her to try on a pair that was not-so-fancy.  Little round brown frames - sort of like Harry Potter.
Guess what?
Gianna LOVED them!
Couldn't stop talking about them.
My friend apologized profusely.
I laughed.
We didn't even know if she needed glasses at that point.
But, we soon found out the results of her exam....
and it seemed like her wishes came true.
Guess who got glasses?!
We came back the next day to look at frames again.
She walked in saying, "Do you all still have my round frames?"
 Round, brown frames it is!!! 

 I think they are ADORABLE.
How cute is she?
She only has to wear them for reading, watching TV and school.
And I love that when you look at her, you don't see flashy fashion just see Gianna - who happens to be wearing glasses. :)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
And here's an interesting side note...
When the doctor determined her prescription he called me over.  He put my file besides Gianna's file to compare the two.
It seems as though my sweet little girl has almost the same eye ailments that I do.
She has farsightedness and an astigmatism just like me.
And let's add this little comparison, for good measure...
When they went to fit her glasses, they kept sitting crooked on her face. I reminded them that I had one ear lower than the other which made my glasses sit the same way.  They always have to work their magic on my glasses for them to adjust to this oddity.  So, not only does Gianna share this anomaly, it is the exact same ear that is lower.  Pretty amazing for not sharing the same DNA!  God has his fingerprints all over this one!
Oh...and here's an added bonus for you....
Yes, they're cat-eye frames.  I was trendy then, and now they're back in style. Go ahead and laugh. Go on, get it out of your system.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Family Jam

I am friends with several families that really are amazing in how they are able to spend time together. We spent time with my friend Michelle (who just returned from a 27 month Peace Corps stint in Thailand) and some of her kids.  They are all ridiculously talented and brilliant in many areas - but especially musically. They can teach themselves any instrument in the blink of an eye, sing with perfect pitch, and harmonize like nobody's business.  I remember the first time Iain had come with me to their home years ago, he said he felt like he walked into an episode of the Partridge Family. Ha.

How I didn't get a picture of Gianna and Michelle, I don't know. Michelle is Jessie's mom.  She's not mine - but I would totally claim her.  She's part of our family.

Gianna LOVES Jordan, who recently graduated from law school. She always says she hopes she's not going to be nervous when she sees him.  We even got to meet Jordan's precious fiancĂ©, Julie.  Gianna loved her.
Even Julie - not having the family genes --- plays the keyboard and sings amazingly.  Sheesh. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rain Break

Holy Cow - we've had some crazy rain lately....for days on end.  That makes for some stir crazy kids --- and mommas!  Yesterday we had a break from the wet weather so we picked up Nate and went to the Civic Center to feed the ducks.

For some reason the ducks were not at all interested in the breadcrumbs which was a highly unusual occurrence.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Labor Day at Little Chenier

If you ask Gianna where Little Chenier is, she'll tell you, "At the end of the Earth!"  It's only an hour drive but it really is in the boonies.  We were invited by our sweet friends to their parent's camp to celebrate Labor Day and Mr. Scott's birthday.  Any day away with great food and friends and activities are a reason to celebrate for us.  It was so nice to be included and to have something new and different to do.

I'm in LOVE with all the moss-filled oak trees.

(The picture below isn't their camp - it was a few doors down, but I loved the composition.)

This is the greatest little hunting camp that I've seen.  So beautifully decorated, but still rustic....and air-conditioned! I wish I'd have taken more pictures inside. How 'bout this creative way to hang towels and such?

We weren't there 30 minutes and there was a brutal deluge of rain and some feisty winds.  Once it passed the sun came out and all was well ~ well enough to pull the little jeeps out to ride and zip in and out of those fresh mud puddles.
Turns out Ben's jeep was quite a bit slower than Gianna's little pink Barbie jeep.
Every now and then they'd swap so he could go faster.  They later figured out that Ben's jeep could indeed go faster...not soon enough for Ben.

Brilliant grandfather thought to put a huge slide from the camp to the ground...

And Aunt Scottie even let them try crabbing...
Ben and Gianna

I'm telling you, these trees just capture me....
AND a boat ride to boot!

And look who got a turn to drive...
Hold on to your hat, Ben, this little driver is a maniac!

Sarah and G - both spunky little rays of light.
She couldn't stop squealing with laughter.  The faster the better!
Momma and Gianna...

AND a super-cool swing...

Oh...and a fun jump too....
What got the biggest reaction of all?  Just a little spigot with flowing water....

All clean...for the trek home...
Oh...and as we are are 2 minutes into our scenic drive back, my phone rang.  I hear, "WHAT are you doing at the end of Little Chenier Road?" 
My friend and her husband took a random drive to see if they could get some good hunting spots for the upcoming teal season.  Are you kidding me? What of the chances of that? Funny.
Did I mention that I am obsessed with these trees? I stopped on the way back to take this picture. I would have stopped 30 more times if we weren't so tired.
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