Saturday, September 14, 2013


It's been a LONG summer.  Four days shy of a FOUR MONTH summer.  Holy cannoli!!!! That was long.
So when it was time for Meet-and Greet at her school at the end of August, Gianna was beside herself with excitement   It was wonderful to be reunited with her besties from last year.  And now they're in Kindergarten together.
Sitting in a "real" desk was a thrill... 
Listening to Ms. Pam talk about Kindergarten.... 
Visiting on their most special Pre-K teacher...they ADORE her.

And that brings us to the Wednesday following Labor Day....
I feel a little guilty having these next pictures, because parents weren't allowed to go into the school the first day.  I was asked to help unload kids so the teachers could stay in their classrooms and was also asked to take pictures of each of the students with their teachers. So I figure this is my "payment" - a peek into my Kindergartner's world.

Gianna and her amazing Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Pam.
Most of the students stood next her and Pam put her arm around them.
When Gianna's turn came, she face Ms. Pam and threw her arms around her.  Melted our hearts. Precious.
They are off to a great start.  I was in and out of her classroom that first day and was blown away by what they were already learning. I would have bet money that they would come home that afternoon knowing the entire Constitution.

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