Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Beautiful Ballerina

We just completed Gianna's third year of dance.  Each year on the day of dress rehearsal, we usually take the opportunity to do a little photo shoot.  I'm not even going to tell you how many I took!  These are some of my favorites...

This year, we added Gianna's sweet friend, Sophia to the photo fun.  Her recital was last Sunday, but she was sick and could not dance in it.  We thought this little photo shoot might make her feel special. Here are a few of them... 

I'm embarrassed to say I have a ton more pictures.  I'll save them for another post.
Thanks for hanging in there!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A little concert for you...

Jessie and Gianna have been making music together for over five years.  They are so talented. I couldn't love either one of them any more.  
Here's one of their recent jam sessions....

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Yippee Yo Ki Yay!

I removed several of Gianna's princess dresses from her closet in hopes of inspiring some better behavior. She pouted just a little and then quietly played in her room. After about 30 minutes of silence, I found her working on a prop for an alternative costume. After attending a rodeo yesterday to watch some dear friends compete, she was inspired to become a 'serious rodeo girl.' I love my creative girl. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kindergarten Video

My little graduate had a great year with her precious classmates and amazing teacher. I put together a little video of some of their favorite memories.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Graduate

My baby girl is a Kindergarten Graduate. 
(Is this not too much? I couldn't stand how adorable their 'senior pictures' were!)

Oh what fun! She was SO excited.

What a big day!

The Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 kids led the procession....
 Matthew (above) and Benjamin (below) are two of Gianna's best friends...

And then the music changed to (get this...) Chariots of Fire.  My eyes immediately filled with tears, until I saw this smile up close....

Pure joy! 

I can't say enough about her teacher who is also the school owner/director.
She is an AMAZING woman of God and we will miss her terribly.

The "Seniors" led all the beginning prayers, pledges and songs.
Gianna and her friend, Mia, led God Bless America.
Gianna belted it out - on key.  She was amazing and I was SO proud.  

She had to introduce herself by her full name and give her phone number.

They had to read as a group. 
(These kids are the best readers!)

They performed several songs (precious) and four or five memorized poems.

 Too bad she's not very expressive. (ha)
And there were diplomas....
Gianna and Ms. Pam

I would be remiss to not sing the praises of Poise-N-Ivy Kindergarten and Pre-K.  I have heard about it for years and never really understood what an absolute hidden treasure this school was until I was researching options for Pre-K for Gianna.  They have the highest expectations for their program and their students matched with an equally high level of nurturing - of students AND parents.  This will certainly be a difficult chapter end for both Gianna and I.  We will miss the school, it's teachers, Ms. Pam and all our friends.

She requested a picture with each of the teachers at school. We will miss them terribly. 
I think they will miss her too.

And Iain's parents even drove in for the graduation!  From Florida!

She was SO excieted to have her Tito and Tita here.

As well as MeMaw and PePaw.

....and Uncle Vinnie. 

And her very proud, full-hearted mommy... 
 I love this girl with all of my being.

 Contemplating what's ahead....
Her future is so bright....
...she has to wear shades.
This little spunky monkey will go far in life, no doubt.

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