Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Party Animals

Honestly, some weekends I feel like we are professional party-goers.  Gianna gets invited to loads of parties and we try to go to ALL of them.  Weekends are a hard time for us, mainly because we (meaning me) don't want to intrude on people's family time.  So when we get an invitation -- we GO! 
Earlier on Saturday morning we went to a really fun party at the Children's Museum.  I usually don't love going there, but Gianna genuinely had a blast.  The two parties we were invited to that day overlapped so we had to leave before we were ready to.
HOWEVER - the next party had ponies to ride, a jumpy house and a petty zoo.  A really COOL petting zoo.  I just loved these animals and their owners.  They said it began as a 4H project and turned into a side business.
This child has been on more horses in 5 years than I have in my whole life...
I'm telling you, the petting zoo was stellar!
And yes, you saw that right in the last last frame -- she was petting a snake.
AND, my very brave girl held one!
Thanks to Misty and Paul for hosting such a fun experience!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Yee Haw!

A few weeks back we joined our dear friends to watch two of their boys compete in a local junior rodeo.

After it was over, Alex let her ride one of their horses back to the trailer.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
And then Friday night we met some friends to go the Professional Rodeo.

Poor Gianna loves the rodeo, but dreads the opening. It's very dramatic punctuated with fireworks - that,  albeit don't last for three seconds, consumes her with concern and fright.  Those dern irrational fears are so testy.

 I told her to give me a cowboy pose in the next photo....
Can't really figure it out.
We took Nate to the rodeo for his birthday.  It was his first time.
He was expressions were priceless.

 We met Annie and Sarah there too.
It was a fun night.  LATE, but fun.
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