Thursday, December 19, 2013

One Woman Christmas Program

Tonight was Gianna's Christmas program.  She was angel.
Literally and not necessarily figuratively. ;)
She was Angel Gabriel and did a marvelous job with her small part. 

The more amazing performance happened a few nights ago when shes was telling me about the upcoming Christmas Program.  She proceeded to act it out in it's entirely barring the Little Drummer Boy which she inadvertantly ommitted. 
So here's the One Woman Christmas Program for your viewing pleasure....

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Nutcracker

The ballet studio where Gianna attends put on an   performance of The Nutcracker this weekend.  It was the 50th anniversary of when the ballet began in our community - but it was the first time Colleen and the Lake Charles Dance Academy put it on.  Can I just say, "Wow!"  SO very impressive and beautiful and  lovely.  And to know many of the dancers was an added bonus. 
I took Gianna and my mom for a girl's night out.

Too bad for the fuzzy phone pics.

Gianna was thrilled that her idol, Cecelia, played the lead role of Clara that night.

And her other idol is Cecelia's mom, Colleen, who is my age and danced like a 20 year old angenou.  AMAZING Sugar Plum Fairy.

Just incredible, I tell you.
(Photo credit:  Jeff Henry)
What a wonderful memory.  Gianna will be old enough to dance in it next year. I'm not sure how I'm going to tell her that she probably won't get the role of Clara. 

Sunday, December 08, 2013


Made some pumpkin cheesecake with my little licker helper.


 Say what you want about Paula Deen, but her Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe is OUT OF THIS WORLD!  Super simple too. I adjust it a bit - but if you like pumpkin --- MAKE IT!

 Went on a little photoshoot with neighbors. Gianna got into the action....

Had a Feast at school.
We made the turkey again....full of popcorn.
 The little Pilgrims were so cute...

Had a little Disguise the Turkey Project...
so cute.
Gianna made a ballerina....
(her other brainstorming ideas included a clow, an alien, a pilgrim, her teacher, the pope.
Her friend, Camille, gave her a flower planted in a can because Gianna was one of the things she was thankful for.
 How precious.

She got to be class leader.
Got to ride a pony at the Flea Market at Burton.
Here is her class at their Thanksgiving Feast...
She helped get a box packed for a little girl somewhere around the world for Operation Christmas Child.
 They truck from the church where we dropped it off was FULL of boxes for children.  Such an amazing program.

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