Thursday, December 19, 2013

One Woman Christmas Program

Tonight was Gianna's Christmas program.  She was angel.
Literally and not necessarily figuratively. ;)
She was Angel Gabriel and did a marvelous job with her small part. 

The more amazing performance happened a few nights ago when shes was telling me about the upcoming Christmas Program.  She proceeded to act it out in it's entirely barring the Little Drummer Boy which she inadvertantly ommitted. 
So here's the One Woman Christmas Program for your viewing pleasure....


  1. Pretty sure Gianna's a genius and going to be famous one day. Just watched her one child Christmas Program. Speechless. Precious doesn't even fit the bill!

    1. Thanks Zina! She's a Cracker Jack for sure.

  2. Maria. Please bring the girl and come visit. She is unbelievable. Is it too early to arrange marriages?


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