I have been scrapbooking long before it became an unbelievable multi-million dollar craze.  I started when I was a kid with the simplest supplies and continued through adulthood and then jumped on the bandwagon (to a much lesser degree than the hardcore scrappers!) when it became a national past-time. 

Then I hit a brick wall. Several things happened.
*  I had way more supplies than I had room for. 
*  I had much less time than I used to. 
*  It became a huge commitment that I couldn't keep up with.
*  I was tired of dragging all my supplies out, finally getting a few pages dones, and have to put them
    all away again a few hours later.

And then, as a gift for my godchild's first birthday, I tried my hand at a digital scrapbook. Oh my word!  I was an instant convert.  Shutterfly has been my favorite company to work with and I have chronicled our family history, our daughter's life and many special occasions through this simple, creative, fun and addictive process.

Here's what I love:
*  There's no mess.  Just my laptop - which is always out anyway.
*  I can work whenever I have time - late at night, on vacation, during naptime, etc.
*  I upload it and then it comes to my front door days later.
*  The costumer service is outstanding.  They have even reprinted one of my books I was unsatisfied
    with - at no additional cost to me.
*  I can make copies of my books for grandparents and godparents, etc.  (Easy gift giving - since the 
    work is only done once.)
*  They take of significantly less room than big huge bulky scrapbooks.
*  They are super easy to tote around and show off.
*  It is much cheaper than traditional scrapbooking - and there's no need to print out pictures!

Here are a few of my daughter's books.  We treasure them and the memories they hold. 

Gianna's 2nd Birthday

Year 2 - Volume 2

Year 2 - Vol
ume 1

First Birthday

First Year - Volume 4

First Year - Volume 3

First Year - Volume 2

First Year - Volume 1

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