Thursday, September 26, 2013

Family Jam

I am friends with several families that really are amazing in how they are able to spend time together. We spent time with my friend Michelle (who just returned from a 27 month Peace Corps stint in Thailand) and some of her kids.  They are all ridiculously talented and brilliant in many areas - but especially musically. They can teach themselves any instrument in the blink of an eye, sing with perfect pitch, and harmonize like nobody's business.  I remember the first time Iain had come with me to their home years ago, he said he felt like he walked into an episode of the Partridge Family. Ha.

How I didn't get a picture of Gianna and Michelle, I don't know. Michelle is Jessie's mom.  She's not mine - but I would totally claim her.  She's part of our family.

Gianna LOVES Jordan, who recently graduated from law school. She always says she hopes she's not going to be nervous when she sees him.  We even got to meet Jordan's precious fiancé, Julie.  Gianna loved her.
Even Julie - not having the family genes --- plays the keyboard and sings amazingly.  Sheesh. 

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