Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mommy and Me Carpentry & Craft

Our local library had a Summer Kick Off event last Wednesday with loads of activities, projects and entertainment for all the kids.  There was a wood craft area that Home Depot sponsored and kids were making bird feeders, toys and planters.  I thought the planter would be cute, but didn't want to attempt it during the mayhem - so they gave me one to take home.
One day while I was trying to kill some time before Daddy got home, I present the idea to Gianna.  She was excited and I wasn't quite sure just how long it would hold her attention - but I figured the paint would lure her in - and it did.
She thought it was a puzzle at first, and it really sort of was.
She participated in each step. (Check out her first tattoo!)
 Painting is always a favorite.
The legs had to be hammered onto the base.  I think it was fairly brave of me to give her the hammer, but I have to say, she was amazingly precise. I was very impressed with her carpentry skills. Her PePaw is going to be so proud.
Mommy helped finish the paint job.
I was so impressed with the result.  Can't wait to add a little plant for her to take care of.


  1. That is ADORABLE!! I am super impressed with her skill and attention span...P would last maybe 3 minutes :)

  2. Well, Haley -- don't be. I should have stated that she lasted about a minute for each step (Maybe two for painting.) I filled in the blanks. :)


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