Friday, April 05, 2013

"...and please, do NEVER be naughty."

We had a lot of fun doing lots of "Eastery" things last week in terms of egg hunts and other traditions.  In addition to all those fun experiences, we also spent quite a bit of time in church for the Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.    The liturgies were long, but rich with beautiful scripture and music.  It's amazing how that all soaks in to the little minds and spirits of our small children.  I'm happy to say that it had as much of an impact on her as did the all the fun, secular stuff.  Here is Gianna having a little church service prior to bedtime.


  1. She is so precious! Did she do this all from memory?

  2. I cannot get over this child. She is an angel. Oh, I wish we lived closer.

  3. I stumbled upon your blog via Kate Dawson who is my cousin (kinda) and you are such an inspiring mother. This is quite possibly the cutest thing ever! She's adorable and so funny!!

    1. Awww - nice to meet you! And thank you for kind words. She's a better child than I am a mother - for sure! :)

  4. seriously this is the most precious video I have ever seen Maria! Singing in her mommy's olqh cheer shirt leading "her people" on in a way only G could do it. Priceless.

  5. Maria, God has so blessed you with a great gift. Gianna is so sweet,smart and down right precious. I love reading your blog. My mom (Paula Lejeune) and I always talk about your blog and get a good laugh. I bet she keep you on your toes.


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