Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Flower Girl's Wedding

 After the Bridal Luncheon, we had a little time to get ready to head to the Cathedral for the rehearsal.

Gianna met her counterpart, Emmett, who served as the ring bearer.  How adorable were they?    He is a full year younger than Gianna, if you can believe that.
I had to peel Gianna off of Jordan, the groom, the entire night.  She truly thought he was there solely for her.
 She was absolutely tuckered out after the day's festivities.

Our good friends, the Darbonne's happened to be in Baton Rouge that weekend also.  We went to Kelli's sister's house on the wedding day and the kids played in the rain.
Oh, and let me tell you about the dress!  My friend, Michelle, the groom's mother (pictured below) made Gianna's dress.  Amazing, right?  Here's what's even more amazing.....
It's made from my WEDDING DRESS!  
She even used my veil as a removable overlay for the skirt.
Tell me she isn't just about the cutest flower girl in all the land...

Oh my word, how cute are these two together?
The ring bearer was a whole year younger than her!

She did a stellar job!
(It helped that we practiced at home!)

Holy Cow - can this little girl party!?!  She didn't stop the entire night.

I just love this next picture. Gianna was in awe!

Uncle Mark pointing out her name in the program....

And yes, the flower girl had a wardrobe change at the reception.  We got this beautiful pink number from our sweet Annie and Gianna couldn't wait to find a reason to wear it.  I was nervous that she'd spill on the flower girl dress - so it was a great compromise.

It was one of the best wedding I've ever been to.
Being the mother of the Flower Girl made for an exciting adventure.
Thanks for including us, Jordan and Julie! 

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