Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Forgotten Birthday Post

It wasn't a huge to-do, but we did a swim party at True Blue Watersports (indoor pool). Gianna's always wanted a pool party but I refuse to have it at my parents house -- too much stress.

My sweet friend, Deborah, made her this mermaid tail. Can you believe how precious!?

I missed a few late-comers, but I'm glad I got shots of most of the kids. 

Gianna asked for a layer cake for her birthday, so I did a trial run the week before.  Good think because the cake flopped.  I squished it in a bowl and froze it so I could still practice my icing technique.  It was so good.  I'm making bowl cakes more often!
The actual cake (which I ended up not bringing to the party) was four layers high. It was so good!
I need a little more practice, but it turned out to be really pretty.

 On her actual birthday, I took her for breakfast at McDonald's.

I took her to get a mani-pedi because I had an unused gift card.  She had a ball.

I'm NEVER doing that again.  She went swimming that afternoon and most of the polish came off.  What a waste. I learned my lesson.

Her nanny took her shopping for a maxidress that she's wanted for so long.

That's one lucky little six year old.

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  1. Wow, I cannot believe how grown up she seems to be, seems like just yesterday I was answering the phone and hearing the incredible news of her birth and welcoming of her into your family!! She is truly a gift to the world, a smile that lights up the hearts of so many! You are doing such a great work in helping her find joy!


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