Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Trick or Treat - Halloween 2014

 So we went to an awesome Halloween Party the week before the holiday at the Washington's.  Stellar, as usual!
 There was a fantastic face painter there....

Ben was an American Ninja Warrior....hence the flag.... 
 Mary Elizabeth had fun too....

Cleopatra rocked it! 

Some of my favorite sweets....

Fab BOO lous, for sure!!!!
Check out those cheeks!

Gianna wanted Cleopatra facepaint, but I managed to convince her that a butterfly was more fairy-like.
 Cute, huh?

So for the actual day of Halloween, I thought I had facepaint, but didn't. I had to use eye makeup instead.  Not too bad.... 
 I did have a bit of guilt for not letting her be Elsa, but she really stood out in her costume....which, by the way, cost less than $10 total.  
Got the costume at a garage sale for almost nothing. Got the shirt for 50cents at a 2nd hand store.  Made the wreath from flowers I bought at the Dollar Tree....and glued the extra on some shoes that were falling apart.  Not too shabby!

This is our Trick or Treating Crew.  They were so cute.
 And Mommy was a good sport and dressed up this year.  I didn't tell Gianna what I was going to be.  She got a kick out of it.  My own mother, however, couldn't believe I was leaving the house like that.  Thanks for the support, Mom. :)

My friend and I got so tickled taking all these pictures.  She really egged me on.  I think she's planning on blackmailing me.

So are you ready for THIS?   I found this picture of when I was one year old.  I think I might have been the ORIGINAL Waldo!!!!!!


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