Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A New Find

Gianna and I ventured out to Mistletoe & Moss (a holiday shopping event sponsored by the Junior League hosting all sorts of local and not-so-local specialty shops). I didn’t do much shopping, because Gianna seemed to generate as much (or more) attention as many of the vendors. (I’m tellin’ you….we could’ve just had our own booth for a public viewing of this child.) After years being in public carrying other people’s children and fielding the question…….. “Is he/she YOURS?” I was finally able to say with joy and pride, “YES!!!!!!!" You better believe it!

Anyway, I didn’t buy anything except for one tiny little thing that happened to catch my eye. It’s a toddler product called “My Spoon” and it was invented by a Lake Charles resident who was having difficulty when her left-handed toddler began had difficulty self-feeding. You know how kids always seem to miss their mouths until they learn to maneuver their wrist? Well, this addesses that issue. So clever. She has two patents pending and has investors interested in getting the spoons in Target.

I thought it was the greatest idea and I just wanted to support her new endeavor. She has a website where you can order them (only $5.99 per spoon, and there is a left and right handed version.)
http://my-spoon.com For Lake Charles residents, she’s got them for sale at Terra Cottta’s.

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