Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Jelly Book

Recently one of my long-time friends came into town for a friend's baby shower and she asked me if I had started a "jelly book" yet. I couldn't even fathom what that could be, so I asked. She told me that you just get an empty book/journal that you keep in your kitchen - where most of life seems to happen - and when your kids say things and do things that you want to remember, you just jot it in the book. Often it'll be stained by jelly or coffee or whatever piece of life is happening at the moment....but you'll have it written down and eventually have a treasured collection of amazing moments you may accidentally forget otherwise.

I just loved that concept. (Thank you Mary!) I found an old journal of quotes I began keeping years ago, and designated that as my Jelly Book. My first entries will be sure to include:

1) Four year old Hunter's first meeting with Gianna. He sat down with Gianna on his lap, unwrapped her blanket, looked at her feet, looked up with wide eyes and exclaimed, "Hers got hand feet!"

2) Ten year old Annabeth's announcement that, "Gianna is so sweet, that if I had a cup of coffee right now, I'd just have to dunk her right in it."

3) When Gianna was a week old and my friend, Rose, came to visit for the first time she was overcome with emotion and just kept thanking God for His goodness. Holding this little five pound answer to prayer, Rose said through her tears..."Oh my gosh! I haven't even finished thanking God for IAIN yet!!!" - Me neither, Rose.

I look forward to pages and pages of Jelly Book entries.

P.S. Oh, by the way, the grunting has returned. Aaaagh.

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