Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grunt Fest

Oh boy.....the grunting is back and better than ever! We googled "seven month old grunting" and found that we are not alone. Apparently there are many parents like us who have this lovely background music throughout their day -- and their comments were hilarious. (The grunting in our home is not as often as it was before - but equally as irritating and pretty darn funny.)
It's tempting to use the word "possessed" to describe this 'precious' little display -- but we will refrain as to not label our baby....HOWEVER....there have been moments when I did expect to see her head spin around and spew out her pureed sweet peas! Add about 11 hours and 40 minutes on to this clip - and that was my day last Monday. Yep...nearly lost my marbles.

The rest of our videos can be found at

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  1. Ok that is the funniest thing ever Maria-I am over here cracking up! She has found her voice! Did I mention she is adorable??!


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