Monday, February 23, 2009

Who knew?

Who knew that we'd start seeing our baby's name in the most unusual places? Even though the name "Gianna" is an old Italian name, we don't hear it used much here in Southwest Louisiana. It's been fun having people find "Gianna" in such unusual places.
This is a cowery shell that has been either carved or lasered. When my friend, Dana, was asked by a specialty shop owner in Key West, FL, what name she was looking for, Dana told her that she was sure she didn't have the name she was in search of.....the owner pulled out this shell.

This sparkling water was bought at Target in Lake Charles....

...and bottled in Gianna, Covignana Italy!These are cookies made with organic ingredients from Whole Foods in Baton Rouge (via my favorite friends at Vision Source - my optometrist's office!)

Just some cool little connections!

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