Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jelly Book - vol 5

I keep a "JELLY BOOK" of some of the entertaining things that Gianna says and does.
Here's the next entry.

* * * * *

We march a lot.  Gianna often requests marching music, but when I can't provide it - she starts marching anyway and calls back over her shoulder, "Can you feel the beat?"

* * * * *

We were driving and Gianna spotted something, "The KEY!!!"  Completely confused by what she said, I responded, "What Gianna?"  She looked down, shook her head and said,  "Never mind."

* * * * *
Gianna:  Mommy, I wanna go play on the diving board.
Me:  Umm....we don't have a diving board.
Gianna:  Yes, Mommy - in the sunroom. I'll show you.

(She dragged me into the sunroom to point out the treadmill. Ha.)

* * * * *
Gianna was hanging on the arm of the treadmill....swinging
Me: Gianna, do you remember what happened the last time you swung on the treadmill?
Gianna:  Yeah,  I broke my back.

* * * * *
The weather has been super cold lately, and on our way to my mom's house we saw a man doing yardwork.  He was bundled up in a black parka coat.
Gianna:  Mommy LOOK!!!!!! (In an excited whisper)  It's a gorilla!!
* * * * *

Gianna:  Mommy. Don't you want to hold me? 
or Don't you want to play with me? - kinda hard to say no to that!

* * * * *
At prayertime.
Me:  Gianna, should we pray that God sends you a brother or sister.
Gianna:  Oh yes.  How 'bout Benjamin.
Me:  Well, he's already got a family...but that's really sweet.

* * * * * 
overheard on the baby monitor in a sweet soft voice

Gianna:  Umm...does somebody wanna come get me?

* * * * *
I let G watch a youtube video of a little girl singing a Whitney Houston song on Britain's Got Talent

I asked her if she wanted me to teach her that song.

She said, "Well, Mommy - could you teach me how to howl like that?"

* * * * *
My mother watched Gianna for me while I was on jury duty.  When I left her house one day, Gianna asked my mom, "MeMaw, where's mommy going?

MeMaw:  Well, she went downtown to a big building and with a bunch of other people and they have to wait to see what the big important man says they have t do.

Gianna: No, MeMaw. She's at the courthouse for Jury Duty!
* * * * *

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  1. What a precious/precocious girl. Asking for Benjamin kinda broke my heart. Ummm... Can somebody come get me --- I am imagining your little laugh/snicker when she said that - ha! I expect nothing less than clever from your girl!


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