Sunday, February 06, 2011

Joy to the World ---- STILL!

This past December,Christmas music was a big hit with Gianna. I'm talking a BIG hit.  She learns lyrics very quickly and her repertoire grew at a rapid pace.  I wanted some good Christmas music that was created for children and happened upon this little CD set I found at one of those music kiosks at Target. 

It's a 3 CD set for less than $10 and I'm telling you it's the best Christmas music I've heard....with the broadest range - from secular to religious - and very culturally diverse.

So why am I writing about this in February?  Because Gianna is STILL begging me to play Christmas music.  I accommodated her through mid January, but I felt I had pull the plug at some point.
So, the playing of the Christmas CD's has ceased - but the Christmas music has not.
She still belts out her favorite Christmas tunes everyday. Still,
I guess we'll be super prepared for next Christmas season.

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