Sunday, July 24, 2011

Singing in the rain...

After having experiencing quite a drought in SW Louisiana earlier this summer, Giannaa started to notice the grass and the plants weren't looking very healthy. When I told her they were dying because they were not getting enough water, she started praying for rain. She'd bow her head, fold her hands, close her eyes and say, "Dear God, please send rain for the plants don't die."

They nexr day she was walking around in her rain boots and I asked her why she them on she said,
"It's going to rain today."
"Really?" I asked.
"Remember I prayed for rain?" have such faith!

It didn't rain that day, but it did several days later.  She was SO excited and exlaimed, "Mommy! God heard my prayer!!!"

So we definitely had to show our appreciation by 'Singing in the Rain."
She actually loves the movie (we've let her watch all the musical numbers) and knows the song.

 Thunder still gets her a little nervous (since our dern firework nightmare) but she's definitely getting better.
After the really loud claps we usually hear...

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