Sunday, July 03, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a THREE YEAR OLD in the HOOUUSSEEE!!!!!
Yes, indeedy ~ our little munchkin is THREE!!!
Three has got to be one of my absolute favorite ages.
They are little people who are capable of big conversations and start grasping big concepts, but they still have a little bit of baby pudge left in their faces and hands and you can still see your baby when you look at them.

I remember when I was a youth minister, I ran a Vacation Bible School with my teens for 3-5 year olds.  I would say, "Five year olds:  line up behind ME!"  And they did.
Then I'd say, "Four year olds: line up behind ME!"  And they quickly fell into line.
Then I'd get to the littlest ones, "Three year olds: line up behind ME!"
And without fail, their little eyes would widen with excitement and like popcorn, their responses shot out, "I'm FREE!" "I'm FREE" "Hey, I'm free, TOOO!!!"
Of course, they never made it into a line, but it was just so fun to watch them celebrate themselves.
Even at the last day, when they performed their little songs for the parents, the three year olds would run up to me and hug me after each song. SO cute.
I am so excited for this fun age with Gianna.

We've all heard the war stories of the 'terrible twos' from those that have gone before us, but more and more often I'm hearing, "Two was a breeze! Watch out for THREE!" or "Three is the new two." 

Within a few weeks of her third birthday, we have witnessed one change in her personality, that we weren't prepared for.  D R A M A!!!!!!
Holy Cannoli.  When it's not exasperating, it's quite comical. And it was like someone just flipped a switch in her.
Example:  After a Time-Out episode the other day, I went to get her and told her that I wanted to be sure she understoood that she would no longer be able to play with her new guitar that evening.
She gasped, threw her forehead into her open hands and with as much dramatic expression as she could muster, cried,
"OHHH NOOOO!!!!! That is just HYSTERICAL!"
Obviously, she misused the word, but it was as a dramatic a word as she could come up with on the spot.


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  1. YAY 3! Happy Birthday sweet baby girl! (Or should I say sweet BIG girl)


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