Friday, October 28, 2011

Under the Weather

Well, the good news is that she doesn't get sick often.  The few times she gets sick you can bet it's on a weekend.  Fever followed by a cold. Not so bad....well, except for the fact that we had plans to attend a super fun 4 year old's birthday party and I managed to let a precious convince me to let Gianna spend the night and part of the weekend with her and her kids to give me a little breathing room.  Well, that went to pot with the fever that began.
We've already been a little stir crazy lately, but the whole sick thing really did both of us in.  Of course the Children's Clinic dissuaded us from coming in on Sunday (Does that irk anyone else? I figure if I'm paying the bill, they shouldn't question us being seen by a doctor. Grrrr.) I got irritated and took her to Urgent Care here in the Bluff (which is quite a colorful story in itself which I'll save for another post.)  Long story short - she was given antibiotics and we stayed under the radar for quite a few days, missing birthday parties (she cried for DAYS) and ballet and other fun opportunities of freedom.  We did have a few entertaining moments at home throughout her convalescence.

Silly, Silly sick girl:

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