Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Me. Want. Coooookie!!!!

I guess in my attempt to make sure that we keep 'embracing life' in the wake of Iain's death - I made an extra to make Halloween special for Gianna.  Iain loved celebrating Halloween with her and got the biggest kick out of seeing her dressed up.  He was always my biggest cheerleader in my attempts to make or assemble her costumes.  So, in his honor I made her this Cookie Monster costume. 
I saw the idea somewhere on Etsy for almost $50 and was convinced I could make it for much less. Sometimes my frugal determination gets the best of me, but this project wasn't so bad.  I spent about $10 thanks to my Hobby Lobby coupons. Am I the only slowpoke out there who didn't know you could pull up a digital coupon on your smart phone?  So helpful! 
 We only made three stops for the big day. No trunk or treats or anything like that.
 First stop was to see our godchild, Nate.  How beautiful is this four year old?
 Aren't posed pictures are so challenging at this age...
 ...these two lost interest FAST.

It's always nice to have a costume big enough for momma to hide behind...
 We went to my parents house and just Trick or Treated at a few houses.
 Met up with a sweet friend along the way. Matthew was the cutest Mickey.
He's also the cutest Matthew.
 It was funny watching her Trick or Treat.
 I neglected to mention that she shouldn't walk INTO the people's homes or help herself to candy from their bowl or make requests for her favorites.
"You got any lollipops?"

 I'll have to remember to do some better training next year.
 One of my parents neighbors and friend of mine suggested I ride her bicycle with baby trailer to her husband who was several houses ahead of us. She said her baby would be tired and her husband could chauffeur the kids. I wish you could have seen my hauling my cookie monster down the block. And wouldn't you know, her husband rolled his eyes (very sweetly) and said he wasn't interested. (Couldn't blame him one bit!)
His wife showed up later and took both Isaiah and Gianna to go find her older daughter. She came back with ANOTHER bag of candy.  The kid probably didn't go to a dozen houses in total and came home with some SERIOUS loot.

It was a nice evening. So happy for the blessing of my little Cookie Monster. 
So sad that our family photos just seem so empty. Missing Iain. :(


  1. I LOVE THE COSTUME! You did an awesome job you crafty lady! I'm glad to see your smiles:)

  2. Awesome work, Maria! Does G know the Cookie Monster song "C is for Cookie"? I'm so glad that y'all had a great Halloween!

    Love, Ashley

  3. Great pics Maria! I was so moved that Iain's friends came to visit you and Gianna. How wonderful for them to meet Iain's (and your) child! I missed Iain during your Halloween visit too, this year. I didn't realize immediately, but just knew something was off...and then I had an aha moment. I thank my God that you and G have each other as you navigate through your journey without him. I love you.


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