Sunday, November 06, 2011

Comin' and Geaux-in

Yesterday Gianna and I had a big treat. Two of Iain's closest friends from college and young adulthood came to visit.  Carrie, Dave and Iain attended the University of Kansas ("Rock Chalk Jayhawk" -- which is the wierdest spirit chant of any school I know!) back in the day and all migrated to Lake Charles for a brief chapter as they began their engineering careers. So gald Iain stayed in LC!!
(This was taken several years ago when we visit KU in Lawrence, KS. 
I'll bet he's not missing posing for silly pictures at the request of his wife.)

These days Carrie lives in Houston and Dave and his family are now in Denver.
 I was humbled and thrilled that they made the trek to visit us.  They had never met Gianna, so they were sweet enough to spend time with her. 
She ate it up. 

I know Iain's heart must've been full.  Mine was.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, I'm not a big sports fan. I do enjoy a good game when I have the time and attention span to sit and watch, but it doesn't happen often.  I have no emotional or personal attachment to LSU.  It's just part of the culure in this area.  I did happen to catch the LSU vs. Alabama game yesterday. (Okay, well, parts of it as I flipped back and forth to HGTV (hoppin' Saturday night in Lewis Land.)
Maybe she'll be more into sports than her mom and dad.
(And to show you how into sports I am - I originally posted LSU vs Auburn - and was kindly correctly by a TRUE fan.)
Or maybe she'll just look cute in game day colors. 
Makes no matter to this momma. 
I love this girl to her core.


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  2. Haha, wrong team! We didn't play Auburn ;) But you are right--She looks beautiful in game day colors! :)

  3. Thought the "geauxin" part was that you trimmed her hair.


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