Thursday, November 10, 2011

Muddy Puddles

Lately, Gianna has become smitten with a sweet little British cartoon:  Peppa Pig.  There little five minute short videos are strung together to form a 30 minute show found on Nick Jr. As a matter of fact, Gianna started calling Iain, "Datty" before he died and it took us a weeks to realize she was sporting her best British accent.
Anyway, this cute little family of pigs LOVE muddy puddles and pounce about giggling all the while.
Gianna thought it was more than enticing when she found a muddy trough on the firetruck at the park.  I heard a maniacal laugh and saw mud and water flying all about.
Looks like someone was recreating her favorite cartoon.
 AND it was much colder than we anticipated.  Good job, Mommy.
And this little runt may have well been a pig.  She could not have been happier. 

Hmmm.  Do you think the laughing adults and the videotaping momma were helpful in deterring the behavior?

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