Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Southern Drawl, Y'all

My child is now speaking with a super exagerated southern drawl. Who knows what the genesis was of this odd behavior? Best I can guess, it began with the movie, The Princess and the Frog which Gianna got to watch as a potty prize. Here's a taste of her recent colorful language:

"Hey Momma?" (She ususally calls me Mommy.) "Could Ah have a snayack?

"Momma, did you say 'hah' (hi) to Mayax (Max) when we got howum?

"Can I use a little chayar to git in the bayathtuuub?"

"Way-ull, Momma - may I please sit on your lay-up (lap)." 

"I gotta huuuury up and teetee on the potty before I wet my payanties."

It's cute creative and entertaining, but I cannot get her to stop.

Aggggghhhhh...I do believe this little whipper snapper is driving me plum-d NUUUUUTS!

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