Sunday, August 26, 2012

A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar....

Yep, I've got a little commedian on my hands.  Little Shecky Lewis has begun joke-telling.  This stage of development just cracks me up - especially when they start making up their own jokes that make abosolutely no sense.  She's actually improved quite a bit in the few weeks since she's started. I thought I'd better video a few of these early attempts.  Here you go....

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  1. We still tell a story about my sister Sally's first joke. It was funny and cute the first fifty times she told it, but she cracked herself up even after one hundred tellings! Her joke was "Why did the witch cross the road?" Answer:Because the witch motel was on the other side. Not too funny, forty plus years later, but it is still fun teasing her about it.


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