Saturday, August 25, 2012

Random Acts of Summer

 Eating out with Annie.
Making castles for the princesses.
Dressing up is a regular occurance around here.
Every day regular.
 No lie.
Makeovers and frozen yogurt goes together, right?
 She insisted on posing with this M&M and begged me to take a picture.
(I've created a monster.)
 Frozen Yogurt again, with MeMaw & PePaw.
With Uncle Vinnie after he got dirty when he worked on the AC.
(aka: Beauty and the Beast)

 With Mommy's wedding veil.
How I found her one morning with the papers spread out. 
My mom reads the Funnies to her every day.
Funniest thing is - she refers to them as The Sillies. 
Big Honkin' Watermelon at Uncle Wayne's.
Plum tuckered out.

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