Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kindred Spirits

The other night my dad and I took Gianna to get Frozen Yogurt after supper. As we were eating, I watched a little family enter the shop who had an adorable little girl who took my breath away.  I told my dad I would swear that is what I always imagined my little girl to look like (before Gianna). Toward the end of our treat, my dad walked over to the bookstore and I waited for G to finish.  On our way to throw out our bowls we approached the table of the little family.  I was going to remark to the parents (or grandparents - not sure) how precious their angel was, but before I could say anything, she whipped her curly little head around and asked, "Where are Y'ALL going?"  She must have already spotted Gianna and was disappointed we were leaving. Gianna turned around just as quickly and gave her one of 'oh, I'm so glad to see you' looks as well as a big hug.  From that moment, the show began.  I'm sure all the workers and patrons were so glad they were there that day.  It was like watching a movie.  These two kids were the carbon copy of each other  - friendly, animated, complimentary, inclusive and social to the nth degree.  The parents were surprised and said that they weren't used to seeing a child who was as outgoing and friendly as their little Madison.  My response, "It looks like these two girls met their match." 
They twirled. They danced, The showed off their shoes.... 
I didn't get one great picture of the two, but even in the blurry shots, you can tell how sweet they were.  
I couldn't help think of Iain and what a kick he would have gotten (and probably did get) out of these two.  Doesn't little Madison look like she could have been the biological child of Iain and me?

While they were entertaining the troops, a firetruck pulled up and two fire fighters came to get yogurt.  Gianna is infatuated with any sort of uniformed professionals - so she and Madison excitedly approached the men and asked for hugs.  They twirled for them and even managed to coerce the 6ft 4in, 300 lb fireman to jump and twirl.  Hilarious.

As the girls watched them leave, the firemen got into their truck and put on their lights and honked the big horn as an adieu to the girls.  What a great ending to such a fun meeting of precious little kindred spirits.


  1. How sweet and precious! Before I even read anything you wrote, I thought the little girls must be a relative of Iain! Were y'all able to exchange contact info?


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