Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Watch out Pre-K --- Here she comes!!!!!

It was a big day today in Lewis Land as Gianna began her formal education: half-day Pre-K.  Huge milestone for a little four year old who's never been away from Mommy.  Even bigger milestone for a Mommy who's never been away from her daughter. 
As we pulled into the drop-off line at her pre-school (no parents walking there little ones in - which was hard, but pretty smart on their part) I wanted to impart a few last words of encouragement and offer a prayer for her.  My voice got very shaky, so I nixed that idea as I proudly gazed on her very excited, brave smile through the rear view mirror.  I just kept saying, "Wow! Gianna! Wow!"

As we pulled under the carport, I pressed the button to electronically open her door - which for a split second felt like it might have been an 'eject' button.  The precious director, excitedly greeted her by name, grabbed her little body out of the van and spun her around with joy.  Whew.  Then Gianna turned her head, looked at me with all the confidence she could muster and said, "Bye Mommy. I love you. I'm going to have a great day."

And then all my emotions poured out through my eyes and I somehow managed to drive away.  I drove straight to cemetery which is only two minutes away and was a little breathless by the time I got there.  I wanted to be able to hear Iain's voice so badly as I told him of this special morning.  Instead, I prayed a rosary.  Peace re-entered my spirit. And I met a sweet friend for coffee - almost until it was time to pick her up. 

We survived!  Me and this sassy little Pre-Schooler! 
When I picked her up from school.  She was filled with lots of stories of her day.Her teacher spotted me in the pick-up line and said she had a great day. She met new friends, learned the Pledge of Jesus (Allegiance) and said she learned a different Alphabet. Hmmm.  These reports are going to be fun to here.

I told her if she had a great day and was a super good listener, I'd take her to Chick-Fil-A.  As soon as we got there a little boy walked over to her and they had the cutest conversation.  They were in the same class and recognized each other.  Cute.
Praying for a great year ahead.


  1. Yay! Wonderful! Pledge of Jesus? Seriously? You may need to buy a new jelly book devoted solely to school!

  2. This made me cry Ri! You are doing so great! So many fun days ahead!

  3. Gianna is beyond precious. I saw her poking her head out at pick up today! She was so cute and excited looking out for you! I am so glad she had a good day!! yay!

  4. So exciting! I was smiling through the whole post! She is SOOOOO adorable. I know you hear it all of the time, and you know it. But man, she's cute. I love when I see your blog updates. Here's to a wonderful year in preschool!!!


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