Thursday, February 28, 2013

Christmas Gifts on the Cheap

(Finally getting around to posting some Christmas stuff.)
For Christmas, I tried not to add a whole lot more "stuff" to our space - especially since 80% of her toys are in storage. I never know what things Gianna will spend time playing with so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a bunch of gambles that could end up collecting dust.  So, reinvention and DIY projects were the theme of
Santa's workshop this year.  Here are some of the things I gave new life. 

Back a few years ago, we were given a beautiful handmade dollhouse to borrow. 

Gianna has gone through phases of interest, but since we moved with my parents, she hasn't shown it much attention.  Here's what it looked like before...

And after.... 
I intended on wallpapering the interior, but I never made it to the store.  So I ended up Mod Podge-ing scrapbook paper instead.  It left a lot of bubbles initially, but they went down and it really looks better.  I added lights that my dad had hanging around (need one more) and I have more to add to the walls, but overall I think it warmed up quite nicely.  I added a Little mouse family from the Calico Critters Collection that I'm obsessed with - hoping Gianna would follow suit.  It's gotten a lot more play over the last few weeks.  (I regularly turn the house around so she can't access it.  I've found that if I do that regularly, she really plays a lot when I re-introduce them.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
And then there was her under-used kitchen.  I played with my kitchen every single day as a little one (and it was made of cardboard!)  A few years ago I found a Pottery Barn kitchen at a consignment store for about 20% of what they sell for. There were a few knicks, but it was in great shape.  Again, because it was always right there - it lost appeal.  I hated to get rid of it, so instead I gave it a makeover.
(The old was pink and white - not a great shot, but can't find the post.)

{How 'bout that squishy pudge?}

And here's the makeover.

I made the chalkpaint with just by adding a little plaster of paris.  I even made my own colors by adding some paint samples and acrylic paint.  Easy and cheap!
I Mod-Podged-ed the back splash with more scrapbook paper.

This next one is a lap tray that had a little stain on it.  Some pictures printed on copy paper and a little paint and Mod-Podge and *poof*.....

This last one wasn't a re-do. But I got the fleece 50% and free monogramming from a friend whose baby I did a little photoshoot with.  Not bad for a comfy blanket she can use for years.

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  1. Your creativity is so refreshing. It's enough to see you do it... so that if I don't I can still feel like I did somehow. Thanks for making me feel crafty.


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