Saturday, February 23, 2013

Park Dates with a "Classmater"

After I pick Gianna up from school at 2:00pm, I am immediately asked, "Mommy, what fun thing are we going to do now?"  or "What friends can we go visit?" 

For most people it's either nap time or they are on their way to pick up kids from school.  Sometimes we opt to do the park.
According to Gianna, the park is "no fun" when we go by ourselves.  One of Gianna's little classmates (or "classmaters" as GIanna says) is also an "only" and her mom and I have begun to text when we're headed to the park so we could meet up and they can play. 
Meet Nacey. 
Neither Nacey's mom nor I ever tell our child that we are going to meet just to avoid disappointment if something comes up.  Both Gianna and Nacey think we are enjoying a string of wonderful coincidences that we happen to see each other at almost every park we go to. :)

The above picture made me laugh.  They look like little Muslims praying to Mecca. (They just wanted to see what was under the deck.)

They are such characters.

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  1. They are precious! Lucia would LOVE to play with Gianna at the park one day, when you have free time. She wants a little girl close to her age to play with so badly.


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