Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dance, Ballerina!

This year I had a little lady bug performing at the LCDA dance recital.

 Obligatory photo shoot outside.

Our neighbor and friend, Matthew was outside while we were taking pictures. 
Gianna asked him to be her prince and waltz with her.  He respectfully declined.


Caught her in mid-jump....

Emma & Gianna watching the little ballerinas practice...

Looks like an infestation of lady bugs!

 Gianna and her little friend, Cara.
These two are a dangerous duo.  In ten minutes they had their entire summer planned.
They were so hilarious.

These three were so funny together.
I'm in love with this next picture....

One of the girls was having a rough morning.  She was pouty, so I thought I'd get her to laugh by making all the girls pout.

 It didn't work. :-/ Great job, Maria!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 And finally ----- RECITAL DAY!
Gianna & Nacey - one of her favorite friends from school.
 G and Cara on the big day.

Maggie and Gianna were in the same ballet class last year.  Maggie moved up this year and was a Spanish dancer.

Gianna right before the performance.

....and after.
Instead of flowers, Mommy got her a ballerina puppet.  Figured it would last a little longer.

Gianna's idols, Ms. Colleen (the director of LCDA) and her precious daughter, Cecelia. (Gianna pronounces her name with four distinct syllables. Cute.)

She was thrilled that I invited her Pre-K teacher to come.  There were four of the girls in her class that performed. Gianna was ecstatic to have her there.

  And it's off to summer!!!!
What a great year of dance.

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  1. These photos are too much! The one with their little ballet booties in the air? Too cute!


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