Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas Cookie & Ornament Party

We were invited to a cookie and ornament decorating party right before Christmas by some of Gianna's 'big girl' friends. It was so cute and creative.

Liz made little festive milk jugs out of snapple bottles she had lying around.
There were little bisque snowmen ornaments to paint.
And of course super-yummy sugar cookies to decorate.
They worked diligently on their creations.

I tried VERY hard to let Gianna do her own thing.
(I'm sad to say It drives me NUTS!!!)

She's much more focused than she used to be...that's for sure.

She really did have quite a good time.
She was seeing a song from Frozen in the above picture. 
Holy cow - she hasn't stopped singing the songs yet.

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