Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sneauxmageddon 2014 - Part 1

Last week we were out of school on Friday for a snow day.  A SNOW DAY! While the rest of the country laughed, SW Louisianna filled their Facebook feeds with tons of hilarious pictures of microscopic snowmen and the like.  People not from this area don't realize how that kind of weather (lots of frozen rain and ice) really is dangerous and scary around these parts.

The sleet collected a bit and sort of resembled snow.

The flag was frozen in sheets of ice.  So bizarre.
Gianna thought Max needed to be warmed up.  She said he looks like and man from Israel.
 Before the sleet really started - we were going to drive up the road to have King Cake with our friends.  Our plans were foiled by our completely frozen van.  COMPLETELY. Could not open one door. So strange.

We had a little fun with Gianna's Elsa doll...


We've been singing Frozen for over a month now and it's so fun for these Southern kids to get a little taste of it in real life.


We peeled sheets of ice off the car and Gianna had fun smashing them.  Looked like a
Greek Wedding. :)

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  1. We got three days out of school due to that storm! Glad you enjoyed it, too!


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