Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Curly Girl on April 1st

I always assumed I'd have a curly haired child. Today I did! 

We twist rolled her hair and when we undid it in the morning we were both shocked just how curly it was. 
It was such a different look, adorable as it was, and she was nervous to go to school.  She asked me to accompany her into the school (we usually drop off in the drive.)  When we arrived and she got such a strong (albeit positive) reaction, she nervously and excitedly shouted...."APRIL FOOLS!" I'm still giggling.

So how did we do it?  Well, we started with damp to wet hair (didn't put product in this time - but have done it subsequent times.)  I sectioned of pieces of hair (maybe 8 for her whole head) and just started twsting in the same direction.  The twists start laying on top of each other in a sort of beehive shape. It's important to twist all the way to the hair ends.  Once you get the little beehive twist-lump thingy, then use a terry cloth hairband to secure it.  The tighter the twist, the tighter the curl.

 I've gotten better with the placement of the twists....working around cowlicks, etc.  You just have to play.
Don't freak out when you remove the hairbands in the morning!  Carefully untwist each piece.  Wait til their all undone and you can play with the curls.  Don't use a comb or brush....just your fingers.  Separate each curl in half first and see if you need to separate further. Like real curls, the more you mess with them, the frizzier they become.  Have fun!

And if you don't get the result you want, you can make precious pigtails or even a fun up-do.

I've found it's much less bothersome than curlers and much more effective.  The curls stayed for two days.

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