Monday, August 18, 2014

1st Time in 1st Grade a great, big, scary school.  Gianna has been concerned about school all summer. She has been begging me to send her back to Kindergarten at her old school. *sniff*

She had three major concerns in attending her new school (which by the way, is the school I attended as a child):   1)  Meeting the Judge (which is actually the principal - but has never really warmed up to that title);   2) Eating in the cafeteria;  and 3) the volume of the "pepperrallies."  (Pep rallies.)

Well, at the back to business day I was talking with another parents and spied the principal come out of the front office.  I pointed her out to Gianna and told her to go introduce herself....which, now that I think about it, is pretty amazing that she has the gumption to do things like that.  I would have NEVER done than as a child (or adult, for that matter!)  Anyway, she introduced herself and told her that it was very "nervousing" to meet her.  Well, the principal was precious and asked Gianna (and the other children that were standing around) to come tour the principal's office.  
"This smells AH-MAAAAZING!"  Gianna said.  "What is that smell?"
"Coffee!" Mommy quickly replied before the principal could speak.
"Oh my," my daughter said as the wheels began turning, "I think I smell donuts too!"
No luck, kiddo....but nice try.

Checking out the lay of the land...

With the Development Director...

The day before school - we went to 6:30am Mass and afterward I changed her into her school uniform in order to take some pictures - without rush or pressure.  What a great idea that turned out to be!

When I told her to stand in front of the statue - she interpreted that differently.  

I like her idea better!

Oh - and let me mention this little nugget right here.
As we finished our 'day before' photo shoot and got into the van, the principal pulled up next to us.  Gianna asked to get out to greet her new buddy, so I obliged.
As the two of them were chatting, Gianna's eyes focused on Mr. Wallwork's car parked next to ours (and upon some sort of dried dirt clod.)  Gianna interrupted the conversation by gasping and pointed at the dirt, "Mrs. Wallwork!!!!  I think your car just POOPED!!!!"
Lovely first memory.  Mrs. Wallwork started her day with a good friend and a good laugh.

When Gianna saw her (as well as the assistant principal) - she orchestrated this photo....

At her table....(kinda surprised they have tables in 1st grade!)

Her precious teacher....

And here are the comparison photos....

I'll have to tell you how the transition is going next time.  Suffice it to say, it's not a smooth one.

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