Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bumpy Start

If you know Gianna, you know that she is an extrovert, a people-person, a performer and a hoot!  But you may not know that she can be very shy and she has quite a few little hang-ups, irrational fears, quirks and anxieties.

She has had a rough little start in transitioning to her new school.  It's much bigger than she's used to -which is part of the issue.  She's doesn't know what to expect - so that's another source of stress. She is coming from a school where she knew everyone in her class to one where she has only one friend that she knows (in her class).   And she is really having a hard time with the length of the day....and being away from me for such a long stretch.  

She cries every night at bedtime - the night before school, for almost 2 hours.  It's a panic cry and is really quite pitiful. The night before her 1st day she was up from 12-3am!!!  After the second day she was exhausted and started the crying, when I convinced her that we would save her concerns for the mornings.  I knew she needed her sleep.  The next morning she awoke in a good mood....until we were brushing her hair.  Then she started the rhetoric about not wanting to go to school.  I quickly tried to redirect her to other topics, but she said, "You TOLD me I could talk about this in the morning.  And it's morning."  Well, she had a point.  

When we saw her little friend at school who was with his mom and siblings, he told Gianna he was going to Poise-N-Ivy in September with her old teacher.  His mom said he'd be in first grade next year right down the hall from her when she was in 2nd grade.  Gianna said, "Oh, I probably won't be at this school next year --- I'm going to one with shorter days."  Holy cow.   It's still surprising.  Hopefully in a few weeks - it'll be old hat and she'll find her place and rediscover her confidence.  Hopefully.  (Please, God.)


  1. Prayers for you both, sometimes new beginnings are so scary!

    1. Thank you, CB, it's getting better.


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