Sunday, April 12, 2015

Eggcelent Adventures

Some mom friends are beyond amazing.
Case in friend Candi.
I didn't get a good picture of her because she's either loving on babies or spearheading creative activities. Holy Cannoli - the things she organizes are so much fun and so appreciated by the kids and the moms. This is what has become an annual Easter Party and Egg Hunt.
The kids hunted for over 150 eggs.  They were the confetti eggs, so once they collected them, they smashed them on each other.  So cute.

Can you see that front tooth is looking a little wonky?  Won't be long now....

 And then there was a Tug-O-War Game...
And there was the bunny nose race.  Each kid got a dollop of vaseline on their nose and a plate of cotton balls and an empty cup.  They had to get the cotton to stick on their nose and deposit it in the cup with the use of their hands. So FUNNY! 

And then there were the 3 Legged Races.
So tricky teaching that concept for the 1st time.
They cracked themselves up.

What a fun afternoon.  
Thank you, Candi, for your hospitality, creativity and for being our very own Cruise Director!

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