Thursday, April 09, 2015

Tooth Fairy Strikes Again

She lost her first tooth in February.  You really couldn't tell because it was a small bottom tooth.  But of the top ones started it's Wiggle Fest and within hours, she had it loose enough to pull.

She was cracking herself up letting it hang from her mouth.
I need to show her that movie.

And now....
...we've got a big ol' honkin' space.  I was dreading this look.  I loved all her tiny little chicklet teeth.  I am not looking forward to those big huge donkey teeth pushing invading that cute smile.
But I have to say.....she sure does look adorable.

And of course, she had to write another note to the Tooth Fairy.....

The tooth fairy did not disappoint....

And yes....she got Fairy Dust.  She asked for it to be sprinkled on her so she could fly when she woke up.  The Tooth Fairy, in her wisdom, denied this request but gave in to allowing Gianna to have this little keepsake...which may, or may not, smell like ground cloves that have been in MeMaw's spice cabinet for about 50 years.
 I'm thinking the Tooth Fairy needs to slow her game.  We've got a lot of teeth left to go....and I have it on good authority that she is getting worn out.

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