Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vanilla vs. Rocky Road

Well, we just couldn't be more pleased that life in Lewis Land is finally settling down. We're transitioning from "rocky road" to "vanilla." Boy, do I like vanilla!!!!!

First of all, I've finished over 120 Thank You notes........praise the Lord. That is a huge relief and weight off my shoulders. Now we can move along into "normal" life....whatever that is!

Day to day life with Gianna has been so good.....even the typically crummy stuff is all good. She is super-alert, quite the babbler and very interested on everything around her....acutally she's just plain ol' nosy. In order to put her to sleep, I have to cover her eyes with a blanket to keep her from looking around. She's actually likes it so much that she covers her own face now.

The smiles are so sweet - all those gums and dimples. But, oooh the giggles are worth more than any amount we could have.

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