Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whadaya mean it's closed? who ever heard of a pumpkin patch being closed with two days left til Halloween? We drove up to the Methodist Church in Moss Bluff, which has an awesome pumpkin patch each year....only to find a sign that read: "Sorry, we're closed. Come back next year."

Are you kidding me? Next YEAR? Geez Louise. The worst part is that one of our friends drove from Lake Charles along with our one year old godchild in order to take pictures with us.

Ah....but alas....thanks to the quick thinking of the new mom who must actually have one or two brain cells left (or maybe out of sheer desparation) I remember that our friends, Dana and Rusty, said they had a little autumn scene set up in their yard with pumpkins, hay bales, mums, scarecrow, etc. A great big thank you to Uncle Rusty the Wedding Coordinator, who is the best darn heterosexual decorator in these parts! The afternoon was not a loss and the pictures were precious. (See picture page.)

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