Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Visit with Santa

We went for our first visit with Santa at the Mall last week. The Santa was really good - the photography: mediocre, the set-up: fair; and the price for one sheet of pictures - outrageous! I told my dad that he needed to grow out a beard for next year when we'll set up our own little North Pole and make enough money to put Gianna through college!
Gianna smiled for the 15 minutes Santa held her BEFORE the lady was ready to take her picture. For the photo: no smile. For me: no biggie. I just wanted my baby's picture with Santa. The background was precious, however, what shows in the picture is just the green of his chair. So I had a little fun with photoshop (see photo #2)

Photo #2 - Now, THAT's a background!
And for a little nostalgia: Here is me and Vinnie (my little brother who just turned 40!! Ouch.)

We look pretty darn excited, huh?

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