Friday, July 10, 2009

The Birthday

Well, I had big plans for Gianna's actual birthday. Iain was off of work and I had the whole day scheduled (overscheduled) in my mind. Maybe the park for a walk and picnic, a trip to Lafayette to the zoo, a romp in the water fountain. All nice little birthday activities. It would be so special.

What did we do, you ask? Nothing. Nada. Zippo. And I'm glad. She needed rest and so did we. We stayed home all day and played and in the evening we drove into town to have supper with my family. Her first lasagna. Yum. Thank heavens my mom cooked. I initially thought I'd cook for everyone. Silly Mommy, what were you thinking?

Here's Gianna ON her special day.

And here's a little montage of the little munchkin's first introduction to refined sugar. (I can't believe I made it a whole year without caving in. Lots of pressure in that department.) She was tentative at first, but then.....

And my sweet hubby just uploaded the video. (It's a little dark at first, with the exception of the papparazzi flashes.)

Stay tuned for more birthday fun: the party, the ode, the song (yes, she has her own song!)


  1. Way to go, MARIA! If you must know, a friend gave John Paul cake at camp while I wasn't looking... then he dove into the icing. I thought I would be livid, then I thought, "what's a month?" ya know?

  2. HOW PRECIOUS!!! I hope you survived the birthday party...looks like Gianna loved her cake. Sorry we could not make it, after Dad's party which ended later than expected, we had to make the Lake Charles rounds. Hope to see you soon and I have a little something for Sweet BIG girl G!


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