Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ta Da!

I'm a Big Girl Now! (remember that little commercial jingle?) Yep. Our little baby girl is moving into The 'Hood.....Toddlerhood, that is. She standing and taking steps, but who really knows when she'll walk? It could be minutes or months. You know how that goes.
This afternoon, just before we got hit with a mega-storm, we were outside in the backyard for a bit. Here are a few scenes. (I should post what our backyard looks like after the storm - it's like a hurricane hit.)

And in other news. We're overcoming our texture issues regarding food. Tonight she had chicken, carrots and beans with a little leftover mac & cheese (the gross kind in the baby food jars -- yuck!) NONE of which was pureed. No gagging. Just a happy baby. Thank heavens.

As I was feeding her I thought to myself, "I need to let her try self-feeding this week." I figured I'd wait til the weekend when Iain could witness the mayhem. Gianna figured differently. When I got up to turn the crockpot off, I turned around to find that I had left her bowl just a little too close to those pudgy fingers. That little monkey was feeding herself. I couldn't believe she was doing it on her own. Granted, her other hand was squishing around in the bowl, but she had food on her spoon and she was eating. Baby girl's growin' up.

And yes, I'm aware I haven't yet posted birthday pics. I'm slow. They're coming. It was wonderful, but we're still recovering from the festivities. She's fine -- WE are still in a semi-coma.
P.S. I just realized that this is my 100th post. I think I'm gonna throw myself a party. No. Wait a minute - I just threw a party. Too much work. I'll have to settle for a pat on the back and nice hot bath. That'll do just fine.

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