Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Ode and A Song

I'm not done with gathering b-day pics, but until then I just had to post about "An Ode and A Song," --- two of the most special gifts Gianna received.

The first gift is from my dear friends' nine year old daughter, Lilliana. I am (and have always been) completely smitten with this child.

She's deep, spiritual, brilliant, pure, creative and just plain precious. She writes poetry and wrote a birthday poem for Gianna. (Click to enlarge) And if that wasn't enough - my friend Michelle came to the party with her guitar in tow because Michelle's daughter, Jessie (18), wrote Gianna a song. A SONG! Geez Louise -- I mean, really...who gets a song? I've got decades on this baby, and I don't even have a song. Well, that is if you don't count my brother's colorful rendition of "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" from childhood. But I'm thinking any song that involved me being flushed down the toilet shouldn't really count. I'm just sayin'.

Jessie couldn't be at the party, so her mom performed the song and had all the kids play percussion, with boxes of uncooked rice, beans etc. Gianna was mesmerized and everyone else was so amazed. It was priceless. Michelle even printed and framed the Lyrics for Gianna to hang in her room.
Jessie is another one of those amazing kids, who has a deep soul, sweet spirit and she OOZES talent and creativity. She and Michelle came over this week and sang the song so I could video them both. Here's Jessie and "Gianna's Song."

We are blessed beyond measure to have the friends we do.

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  1. Both the ode and the song are adorable! What sweet, thoughtful girls. Jessie's voice is beautiful, I love the verse "do what you wanna". How great to have such talented friends!


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