Thursday, June 24, 2010

Betchya didn't know...

...that I co-authored a children's book.

It's really exciting --- minus the fact that it's not yet published.

Two and my friends and I got together five years ago and wrote a precious book about the story of how the Crawfish came to Louisiana.  The real story is about the hardships, amazing endurance and unyielding faith that brought the Cajun people to SW Louisiana , but we wanted to tell the story based around the folklore of how the Crawfish ended up here. (It's such a cute story.)

There are lots of Cajun themed books for kids, but none that teach the history and tell the story.  That's what we wanted to do.  I think we did ~ and in a really fun way. 

We actually submitted it to a publisher of many Louisiana books and we received a lovely rejection letter that had obviously been photocopied around 40 times.  I'm pretty sure a novice copy-editor sent it out. :)

One of my friends (and co-authors) is also doing the artwork for the book.  It's amazing.  These are only some of the preliminary sketches. SKETCHES! (My sketches involve unidentifiable stick figures.)
She's working on finishing those now.
@ Racca Lewis France
We are considering by-passing the traditional publishing world and self-publishing.  Our goal is to have it ready to print in the next three months.

Even if we just publish 3 copies so we can each have one - I'd be thrilled and so proud.  But I really think other people will love it.  :)

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